Prevent Disease and Death…Don’t Smoke

Smoking is one of the most preventable cause of disease and death aside from eating process food vs. live foods. Tobacco is a consumer product known to kill half of its users, it’s scary but true. Don’t you be one of them!

But there’s good news too. The health benefits of stopping smoking are immediate and long-lasting. And it’s never too late to quit – for your health and the health of the people you love.

Smoking causes almost one-third of all cancer deaths and one-fifth of deaths from heart disease and stroke. Smoking complicates diabetes, and recent studies now link tobacco use to an increased risk of developing the disease.

If you’re a smoker, ask your doctor or better yet a naturopathic doctor for help with quitting, and contact us for resources that can double your chances of success.

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but you’ll be glad you did.

Tips to Help You Quit

According to the American Cancer Society, about 48 million Americans smoke cigarettes, but most smokers are either actively trying to quit or want to quit. Since 1965, more than 40 percent of all adults who have ever smoked have quit. You can be among that group too. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.

List all the reasons you want to quit smoking (e.g., better health, save money, play with children/grandchildren) and read them several times a day.

Choose a quit date – it could be a significant date (e.g., a birthday or anniversary) or just a date about two to three weeks away. Before your quit date, get rid of all smoking-related materials in your home and work area (e.g., ashtrays, matches, cigarette packages).

Stay busy! Go to the movies, exercise, take long walks, go bike riding.

Find healthy substitutes for smoking. Munch carrots or celery sticks. Try doing crafts or other things with your hands that perpetuate life.

Let your friends, family, and co-workers know that you plan to quit – and ask for their help and support. And if your spouse or partner smokes, ask them to help you out by not smoking around you for the first couple of months after you quit.

If you slip up, don’t punish or blame yourself – simply try again and ask for help.

Liquid Fast Recipes

Makes 8-10 servings

Adapted by: Chef Nazir Nekhrahiyah

Avocado Smoothies

Avocado is rich in magnesium that reduces risk of excess belly fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

Some of you might not know that you can also blend an avocado pit in your smoothie. It is packed with very good nutrients. It has life force; It is very high Qi food!  (To have a high Qi quotient is to be full of vitality and health. The higher the quotient the longer the health span is projected for) It’s also the highest in soluble fiber. This soluble fiber binds to the fat and excess cholesterol.

Then we can lower cholesterol and improve heart function naturally. We can improve the blood circulation by pulling out all the fatty deposits in our circulatory system with the soluble fiber of the avocado seed. Soluble fiber is very difficult to get in our diet. Oatmeal has some, but it cannot compare with the avocado seed. Any heart disease patient must eat the avocado including the seed.


Half a ripe avocado

1 to 1 1/2 frozen bananas

4 to 5 frozen or fresh strawberries

blue agave nectar to taste

Splash of almond milk

Handful of Northern Edge Milled Flaxseed

Pinch allspice

Pinch of cayenne


1 large pear, chopped 1/2 cups blueberries blue agave nectar to taste

1/4 avocado

Handful of Northern Edge Milled Flaxseed

1 lemon pealed with white part left on

Blend and top with chopped pecans.


If you are a fan of wheatgrass or spiralina, you will love this recipe! Comes out pretty thick.  Wheatgrass or Spiralina 1 whole avocado with a pit blended it together then add 3 bananas 2 large handfuls of a mango/peach frozen blend 1 large handful of Northern Edge Milled flaxseed water.


1 avocado 2 bananas 5 large dates with pits removed 1 cup of strawberries (preferably fresh, but frozen will do) 1 whole lemon pealed with white part left on 1 cup ice


1 medium or large ripe avocado 1 1/2 cup fresh pineapple 1 Tbs honey or blue agave nectar 1 whole lemon pealed with white part left on 1/4 tsp coconut meat 2 ice cubes