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Northern Edge Milled Flaxseed

Northern Edge Milled Flaxseed is certified organic, grown north of the 53rd parallel and is free of toxins and Caedmon. Excellent on cereal, salad, fruit or mixed in a smoothie.  Flax provides the highest level of Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), the Omega 3 source Essential Fatty Acid, and lignans (antioxidants); plus high quality fiber, complete protein, enzymes and minerals.

Consuming high quality flaxseed on a regular basis will stop many of the common health problems. You can join the growing thousands of people enjoying the benefit of flaxseed oil and other flaxseed benefits.
Of all the things that are offered for better health, this one is among the simplest and lowest in cost with the most definitely noticeable results.
Out of hundreds of natural health products on the market, some of the best-selling ones are colon-cleansing bulk fiber products that make bowel movements easy. High quality milled flaxseed is far superior as a gentle soluble fiber, and because of the nutrition it supplies along with the easy BM’s.

Omega 3 fish oil capsules and flax oil are quite popular too. But nearly all of those are rancid. High quality organic flaxseed, milled and vacuum packed, is much better and has many tasty uses.

Many take protein supplements of various types. High quality milled flaxseed has 22% protein, and it is complete with all the essential amino acids. Not to mention it’s an excellent fat burning super food. Use it in smoothies, salads and other recipes for optimal results.

And our convenient and versatile organic milled flaxseed is WAY less expensive than any of the products mentioned above.

Many of our Fat Burning Recipes will use Northern Edge Flaxseed and a key ingredient, consider ordering the best organically grown milled flaxseed.

Price: $12.99
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