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According to a reporter at Mashable, “Smartphone users are transaction-oriented. Then account for the newest users in the mobile camp — those equipped with tablets. They’re focused on a broader experience.”  Mashable August 2011.

Mobile Users are:

  • Focused
  • Transaction Oriented

Mobile websites should be: Transaction driven – for instance, restaurant, make a reservation provide phone number and directions.

Tablet Users are:

  • Focused on a broader experience
  • Less is More

Designing for mobile and tablet should be considered first before designing for a website because you can envision an array of features with capabilities such as (multitouch, location detection, user orientation and many more) which can always be incorporated into your online webpage.

Tablet Websites should be: simple, clean, touch-friendly, easily navigable and objective.

Transition from a point-click mentality to a touch-and-swipe practice.

Hypertext is great for computer screen that utilize the point and click of a mouse, however with the mobile and tablet devices, they are more geared toward touch and swipe functions.

Screen space

Getting rid of all that text forces the user to focus on the actionable features and makes it easier to find and navigate.

Less is more in this case.

Divide actionable items by color.

If you have more than one actionable item on a mobile or tablet screen, use of color is key because it helps the user to focus in on a particular area of interest.

When considering navigation, consider the mobile device is smaller and limited in screen space.  Therefore, make the navigation vertical instead of horizontal like that of computer screens, which can accommodate horizontal navigation easily.

Another consideration for smaller screen when designing the user interaction is reducing levels of hierarchy for content.

Instead of 2 to 3 levels of hierarchy, consider, reducing the hierarchy level to 1.  This makes the navigation much easier for the mobile user.It’s Cool:

It’s Cool

It’s only cool if it works.  If the following is sufficient, then it will be a cool breezy experience for the user.

It’s Useful:

Instead of building two entirely different websites one for the computer screen and one for mobile; build your site so that it automatically detects mobile deices and displays the specified screen to the user.  After detecting the site is for a mobile device, make sure the mobile site is optimized for mobile use and customized for a great user experience.

It’s Fast:

Make the image size smaller.  Web images are not necessary for smaller devices.  Instead make them smaller and they will take up 90% less space there by make the page load much faster.

It works:

Measure the analytics of your mobile devices, in doing so; it will allow you to engage your customer with even more specified features that enhance their mobile device.  For instance, if the majority of your customer’s are iPhone, android and iPad users instead of trio and blackberry, then you can take that into consideration when providing specific feature and capabilities for the most used devices.

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